Designs for Form and Function – Solutions

AUDTEK is your resource for ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS. We will exceed your ‘form vs. functionality’ expectations. Exclusive, Limited Availability Acoustical + Audio-Video Products of the highest caliber. Solutions based on your needs, your clients and their designers visions.

Audtek offers exclusively to a limited, selected group of specialty retailers and custom integrators the Best-in-Class. Performance based AMPLIFIERS, PROCESSORS, LOUDSPEAKERS, MUSIC SYSTEMS, FURNITURE, VIDEO GEAR, POWER PROTECTION, VOLTAGE REGULATION and ACOUSTICAL MATERIALS.

Dedicated 2-channel Audiophile systems through to 16+ Channel, fully discrete, Object Based, Immersive Sound Systems, based around Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and or DTS:X Codecs. ( We even sneak in lighting and supporting gear once in a while).