The Black Swan

We offer the finest quality in class at all strata to design a theater . To be seen, to be admired, or to be hidden. Artwork for the ears, and when desired, for the eyes!

Small format custom theaters on up to Quad-Amplified, multi-channeled, Immersive audio grand rooms. The Amplifiers, Audio and Video Processors, Loudspeakers, and the Video Screens.

Marrying all parts, we offer a true, professional acoustical tool box, that can
be semi or fully customized to the visual limit of the architect, designer, and of course, the homeowner. A true, scientific master-recording studio quality solution that is purpose designed. Absorption-Diffusion-Reflection-Isolation.

Behind the scenes, to complete your projects, we offer the finest acoustically engineered solution for a homes with Isolation/ Vibration Control for floors, walls, and ceilings. Adding our Impact Noise Control for every type of floor system, and or mechanical device, indoor or outdoor. Click anywhere to get to REGUPOL Acoustics