Audiophile – Videophile

A-n-1 Audiophile Music System

BRYSTON Electronics introduces their finest example of a stereo preamplifier named in honor of Brian Russell of BRYSTON. The newly designed circuitry is fully balanced from input to output. Model BR-20

The BR-20, is an advance of the BP-17 stereo preamp, which is in itself, an industry acclaimed Class A wining, end-user adored model. THIS, THOUGH IS NOT JUST AN UPGRADE, this is a revolutionary design; With Total Harmonic Distortion measured to LESS THAN 0.0006%, you might say it’s as quiet as outer space, black! Build in another award wining, class defining product, the BRYSTON BDA-3 D/AC. Combine that with the audiophile music streamer that BRYSTON so meticulously designed, for the true audiophile, the BDP-3, and you have the new BR-20!

VIVID AUDIO bespoke built, hand assembled and tested loudspeakers that look as beautiful as they sound. Engineered using the most advanced computer analysis and decades of dedicated research by the world renown Laurence Dickie. The designer of the Nautilus speaker, has advanced that concept in VIVID Designs.

VIVID AUDIO GIYA G1 exploded View

VIVID AUDIO D26 Tweeter in an exploded view, with Tapered Tube design. The D26 is used throughout the Vivid Audio lineup

When ONLY the finest Video Screen is acceptable SEYMOUR SCREEN-EXCELLENCE

It is what Hollywood has moved to in 2020 for visual and aural acuity !