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Latest News

AUDTEK is proud to announce the addition
of these industry defining brands to their
exclusive, limited distribution portfolio



















February 2018:  KETRA Announces Amazon Voice
Commands with their award winning lighting system.
"Alexa, Turn on the...".

February 2018:  KETRA lighting introduces an RGBW
LED lighting STRIP family, to add to their acclaimed
'Natural Light' group of products.








BRYSTON is shipping it's newest music player family
member; Introducing the BDP-Pi:  The Pi, is faster
and more powerful than the original BDP-1, within
1/3rd. rack width space.  With built in color LCD
screen, ability to play hi-res audio files, and lowered
price point, a MUST-HAVE Sales item!

CD Player of the Year Absolute Sound


AUDTEK'S premier, luxury vendors shine at ISE in Amsterdam.

  • Trinnov actively displays their new 16 ch.
    Atmos processor along with Procella Audio

  • Seymour-Screen Excellence, shows off the
    latest video screen technology in woven,
    acoustically transparent 4K screens.

  • Architettura Sonora introduces new models
    of loudspeakers that continue to show why
    Italy is #1 in designed beauty. First ever
    down-lit LED option.

  • Procella Loudspeakers continue to expand
    their offerings in hi-output DTS inspired,
    cinema quality speakers.  New, angled
    baffle ceiling speaker. A full 'Object based'
    theater room, in conjunction with Trinnov.

  • BRYSTON Announces the SP-4, with first
    ever 'Object-Based' Dolby Atmos, AURO 3D,
    DTS:Xaudio/video processing.

  • B&K Electronics shows off their latest amps
    with designs focused on custom integrator's. 
    Demonstrated with GRAY SOUND'S
    architectural friendly speakers.


Trinnov 32 Discrete Channel Surround Processor

Trinnov Audio introduces an ALL DISCRETE
Object based Surround Processor

Altitude 32, offers up to 32 discrete channels
of [FUTURE-PROOF] Dolby Atmos 3D, AURO
& DTS:X, including full channel mapping, Room
mapping, and software based designed system
to allow for future CODEC changes, preventing
obsolescence's, including HDMI designs.

BRYSTON continues it growth and support of the audiophile community
Introducing a full lineup of turntable solutions.
Moving magnet pre-amp,Moving Coil pre-amp, Transformer
based units, MM/MC dual unit.  All models
are 1/3rd. Rack width sized.

BRYSTON Ships new 384BIT D/AC  The BDA-3 offers
DSD & SACD bit perfect sound. With (4) HDMI inputs
& one HDMI output + USB AES/EBU, BNC S/PDIF,
Toslink, RCA & XLR Outs


The Bryston B135 SST² Integrated Amplifier is
without question one of the most sonically
transparent and reliable audio products available.
It offers performance levels equal to the finest
separate audio components.

Inputs: 6x RCA Single Ended Pairs, 2x RCA Single
Ended Pairs (Record In, Power Amp In), 2x Optical
Outputs: 2x RCA Single Ended Pairs (Record Out,
Preamp Out), Speaker Terminals, Headphone Jack
Control: RS-232, AUX IR, 2x 12V Output Triggers

AUDTEK Continues Support for Luxury Custom  Market.
For immediate release:  October 2015; Sound Developments
names AUDTEK, sales representatives in the Tri-State,NY
area for Trinnov Audio, Front Row Seating, Procella Audio,
B&K and Gray Sound


AUDTEK Wins Rep of The Year from BRYSTON
at CES 2015 for the second year in a row
Holding the award, "I am honored 
to be the first recipient of this
two years in a row and humbly accept",
Wayne Dolnick

Dealers Reviewing New Product...Click for Enhnced Pic
Three Suites of the finest audio, video & acoustical
solutions for the custom luxury market.
Please click for additional pictures, and product info.

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To get to the top, you need a
strong foundation!
We thank our dealers for



Natural Light for a Better Life
Circadian Rhythm, natural 24 hour clock
K E T R A System 






Beautiful sights with equally matched beautiful Sounds!
AUDTEK Luxury dealer event:
BRYSTON Electronics with BRYSTON Speakers.  Trinnov Processor with
B&K Amplification,  Gray Sound Architectural speakers & Procella theater speakers




March 2018: Bryston announces Object based Surround for Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, and DTS:X Formats
The Bryston SP-4 adds to current Surround Processor SP-3, which has lead the industry for
sound quality and video reproduction with 7.1 discrete channels.

Feb. 2018:  Bryston upgrades the SP-3 with latest HDR Video codecs, HDCP 2.2 & HDMI 2.0b boards.
All shipping product going forward will include this upgrade.  Older units can be upgraded by request
through Bryston support.  Please contact us for more information.

February 2018:  ad notam updated Custom Configuration, on-line software tool for ease of selecting one of the possible scenarios as a TV might be used, installed, and optioned within a residence or commercial application.  Near immediate PDF results with optional choice of 4 K quality televisions up to 84", with mounting behind [Mirror], [Colored], [Tinted] glass,and selction of various frames and trims, and with or w/o custom cutouts, placements, mounting options, back lighting and more.  MSRP price quote and basic project info is registered to dealer, as per information input.  PLEASE CALL US for more information.  This is an invaluable asset for dealers and can be a TURN-KEY Solution, including installation.  Engineered in Germany, made in New York.



BRYSTON adds ROON library feature to BDP family of Music Players.  Networked, local, removable, or streamed TIDAL titles can now be sorted and viewed through ROON interface on local device screen.

BRYSTON picks up another!  The 'Absolute Sound' 2016 Editors Choice Award for MUSIC SERVER, under $5000!  BDP-2

BRYSTON completes the audio circle with its newest analogue device, the BLP1, belt drive turntable.  Shipping now, with separate, stand alone power supply for inky black silence, and perfect music transfer.



KETRA Lighting: 
The biggest thing to ever happen to the lighting world !  Patented lighting that improves your life, health, and well being !

displaying new ROON & TIDAL ready streaming music player:

B&K Electronics
wows the crowd!
Introducing designs to help custom integrator within TV installations, steaming music servers,
and multi-ch. configurations at affordable pricing, without posting retail pricing, B&K reinvents
itself with new owners.
Gray Sound: Designed and built in the Netherlands, using premium German built, high-output drivers. 
Minimalist designed speakers for inconspicuous, architecturally approved use.
Unique mounting design as part of speaker, allows for any depth wall or ceiling installation, w/o additional parts
  highlighted their design lea ding, innovative ALTITUDE 32 processor, along with the brand newClass A/B 8-channel amplifier, and the new 16 Channel processor.

displaying their new, high-output, theater  level SPL styled home speakers at the Sound Developments booth.
Front Row designs introduces new theater and lifestyle seating. 

Front Row continues to be made in Canada of superior materials with quick turn-around advantages.
Classic and contemporary designs.

BRYSTON B135 Integrated

Recent Reviews:

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 Bryston's NEW Cubed Mono-Blocks get rave reviews!
BP26 Pre-Amplifier and 7B3 Get a royal thumbs up !
The Absolute Sound : February 2017

The Absolute Sound

So much to read, which one to choose?  World wide, the message is clear;
BRYSTON is the brand to own!
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Bryston 7B SST

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