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Projects & Products

"My own Private Orchestra!"




Classic looking speakers built to withstand the
outdoors, using exotic materials.
Orchestral sounding results, meant to be seen
and heard! 
Architettura Sonora 75 year lineage of driver technology design.



 GRAY SOUND:  Utilizing a unique, one-step, integral mounting system, in a minimalistic, architecturally requested look. GRAY SOUND, made in the Netherlands. 


Tallest residential building in North America, 432 Park Avenue; Owners private screening room

Julliard School of Music & MIT
RPG...Real acoustical science...
100% custom shaped, sized, and placed Fiber Reinforced, Gypsum ceiling reflectors by RPG Diffusor Systems, allow
for Grand Concert level sound enhancement and precision audibility by the performing musicians of the resulting music.
MIT Meyerhoffer Hall was designed in conjunction with RPG utilizing their proprietary 'shape design' software.


In no particular order, a few projects utilizing
the best the industry has to offer!

RPG Diffusor Systems Inc.

Award winning private screening room, custom built integrating an assortment of RPG'S patented tools
to enhance, attenuate, and control bass, treble, and high frequency nodes, while maintaining the
integrity of the original score.

Andrea Bocelli's ears chose A-S


When a violin virtuoso, who has played Carnegie Hall, designed his dream home, he auditioned every speaker he could for his signature pool.    The speaker of choice, after a direct, head-to-head shoot out, hands down! 



From Travertine to over 150 marble types, quarried in Italy, Architettura Sonora Brings art to your ears in a sculptural way.
AS: Tall Marble cylinder, full range speaker

BRYSTON Audiophile amplifier's and Processor adds precision control and class leading amplification to all speaker systems.  With 26 separate channels, controlled by the BRYSTON SP-3, and output into this special room, this 'library' does Hollywood proud!



GRAY SOUND Installation Blends with any décor.  Roll over the image above for a short installation video.  Simplicity at it's finest!

Devon Energy Auditorium  Custom Architectural acoustics provided by RPG Diffusor Systems.
Custom pecan wood and custom paint was chosen to enhance the rooms aesthetics. 
A micro perforated pattern was chosen for looks as well as wide frequency control.  Custom graphics
created within the painted panels are accomplished with use of special CNC machines and advanced
computer programming.
RPG Custom Theatre Kips Bay

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